Do you want to get slimmer in a sustainable way and without a diet?

To feel good and comfortable in your own skin and enjoy the process at the same time? That’s what Outfit’s about! Because of our proven and unique training method and under supervision of our inspiring trainers you develop a new mindset. The successful method of Exciting Life is a practical and powerful training with effective tools with which you can realize your dreams. The result? You experience a lighter look at life, literally and figuratively. 

About the training

The Outfit training lasts ten weeks and consists of four meetings. During the training we excite you and the way you handle food and your body. Led by experienced trainers a positive change in behavior will start. Through energetic simulations and sharp interactions in a safe environment you conquer your barriers. You will receive simple tools and you will learn how to apply them in daily life to achieve better results. In this way you will directly reach more and better successes during the training. This will be enormously stimulating and it improves your self-confidence. It also results in sustaining the positive behavior after the training. Through applying the new behavior you will improve on a regular basis, you will create better results and you will experience even more fun and self-trust. By using excitement and excellence you develop a mindset that’s sustainable and long-lasting. 

After the training you are more energetic, enthusiastic and lighter. With new insights and a changed attitude you achieve more than just losing weight. Your powerful and proud new attitude attracts success and happiness! At work, at home and in every relationship you have. With Outfit we support you to achieve more than just losing weight. With Outfit you win in every area of your life. 

Subjects that will be handled during the training: 

  • How to get slimmer in an energetic, fun and light way. 
  • Recognizing and breaking through negative patterns and limiting beliefs. 
  • Developing your own pattern of a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Finding and implementing solutions in order for you to handle any situation. 
  • How to be successful in the long run in achieving and maintaining your target weight and enjoying it at the same time. 

Are you curious what the experiences of our trainees are and do you want to see their results? Take a look here .

The training consists of 6 group meetings of four hours each during ten weeks. This is including 4 training evenings and 2 upgrade evenings. In between you will be coached every two days by one of our trainers, by telephone or e-mail. During the fourth group session we give you practical tools to sustain your new attitude and the weight loss after the training. After the training is completed we give you the opportunity to attend two upgrade evenings, to support you to continue your new lifestyle. 

Practical information

The next Outfit trainings will be given by trainer Cathelijne Kiwitz. You can ask us to bring you in contact with her, where you can check the dates and register for the training.

Price: 795,- including VAT for 6 group lessons, and 35 personal talks with your coach. 


Location of the training:

Note that some of the meetings will take place online through Zoom, when there are laws in place that prevent physical meetings.

Exciting Life
Jarmuiden 28
1046 AD Amsterdam


Free parking is available.