We often start a relationship based on feelings. In the beginning everything looks great but sooner or later we end up confused, tense and our confidence about the future of the relationship is gone. More importantly, the trust that we will find the right person will diminish and we start protecting ourselves. At the same time we search for the right partner. When you start in this way, can you ever be successful in creating a long-lasting and loving relationship? 

With Duet you create clarity about what matters to you in a relationship and what is necessary to make sure this relationship is successful. In this training you learn how to articulate what’s important to you and you learn how to create openness between you and the other to talk things through. During this training you also gain  experience in approaching a new relationship with confidence. 

About the training

Duet is a training in which you create clarity for you and for the other about what a long-lasting and loving relationship looks like and how you can realize it together. Because of this you have clarity much sooner about whether you want to continue with the other person. During the training you increase your self-confidence to go for the relationships of your dreams. During the training   you learn new tools by performing energy-packed interactions and gaining exciting experiences and how to apply learnt tools immediately into your daily life. Because of the successes you create your self-confidence will grow and you enjoy the road to a relationship much more. This will result in finding a potential partner sooner, which means you will reach your goal much quicker. 

Topics that will be handled during the training: 

  • Getting clarity about what’s important for you in a relationship. 
  • How you can articulate in a clear and open way to the other person what’s important for you in a relationship. 
  • Getting to know the other person in such a way that you can make a good decision about whether to continue with the other person or not. 
  • How you can enjoy the road to a relationship. 
  • Conveying your message in such a way that the other person understands it. 
  • Learning how to deal with negative feedback and disappointments. 
  • Insights in what holds you back to go for a relationship and how you can influence this in a positive way.

Practical information

The Duet training consists of 6 to 8 group sessions of 4 hours each plus 1 weekend. Groups are small, with a maximum amount of 20 participants. Our experienced trainers give you new tools and more insights resulting in taking steps every meeting and learning how to implement what you’ve learned into real life. Duet is based on a successful formula of Exciting Life in which you reach more through powerful, sincere and enthusiastic communication.

  • Meeting 1 – 9 feb 2021, avond
  • Meeting 2 – 13-14 feb 2021, weekend
  • Meeting 3 – 16 feb 2021, avond
  • Meeting 4 – 23 feb 2021, avond
  • Meeting 5 – 1 mrt 2021, avond
  • Meeting 6 – 9 mrt 2021, avond
  • Meeting 7 – 16 mrt 2021, avond
  • Meeting 8 – 20-21 mrt 2021, weekend


Location of the training:

Exciting Life
Jarmuiden 28
1046 AD Amsterdam

  Free parking available.