It’s our mission to support ambitious and enthusiastic people in their quest for an exciting, happy and authentic life. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to create a life for themselves in which they enjoy what they do and create the best version of themselves.

We believe that excitement drives people to reach more than they thought possible and to excel in everything they do. We help you using excitement in your life resulting in crossing your barriers, going for your dreams and reaching the goals you set. So you excel in everything you do.

We believe that excitement drives people to reach more than they thought possible and to get everything out of life they want to. We give you the opportunity to experience how to use excitement at any moment and in the way you want to, resulting in you creating the life of your dreams. Be it in terms of health or relationships, we  coach you to create lasting and sustainable results in every area.

Training method

The basis of every training is a change in attitude, increased self-confidence and reaching more than you thought possible by experiencing excitement when you’re challenging yourself. Our experienced trainers provide the base. They motivate participants with new, fun and easy-to-apply tools. Inspiring interactions between trainers and participants result in a changed attitude and increased self-confidence. The participants also learn from each other in an exciting and playful way. When participants see how they can change something and experience this together at the same time, it’s easier to do it again the next time. Excitement generates excellence

Results of our trainings

  • Because of our unique training method our participants get many short and long term results from our trainings.
  • Because of a new attitude you will keep challenging yourself after the training to go for the best version of you. 
  • Easy and exciting tools you can still use after the training.
  • More excitement and self-confidence through faster and better results. 
  • Experiencing more fulfilment because you dare to do more. 
  • Enjoying everything you do. 

Unique organisation with international trainers

Exciting Life as a unique organisation. From our headquarters in Amsterdam we train people worldwide. We want to empower people to live an exciting and successful life with pleasure, authenticity, energy and excellence. Worldwide thousands of people – managers, employees and individuals – were trained by us. In the Netherlands we work with an international team. Every trainer has several years of experience in the business environment, is decisive, resolute and empathic and has been selected and trained by us exclusively.